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About Us

About Us

Susan Jarah

My name is Susan Jarah and I opened The School Shop in August 2015.

I'm often asked how I came to open The Green School Shop - and why? The answer is, quite simply, happy coincidence. I am a trained teacher and was keen to start my own private tuition business for some time. My two daughters both attended schools here in St Ives.

During conversations about uniforms it became clear that parents were keen to donate their used uniforms and for them to be re-sold - it was just a matter of finding a convenient location and someone willing to do the washing and sorting...

So, with my classroom base upstairs, I set about creating a shop downstairs in a perfect little unit in Cromwell Mews. The School Shop St Ives opened its doors in August 2015.

In July 2017 (with a name change to reflect our recycling beginnings), The Green School Shop Ltd. was born. 

We now supply new uniform for a growing number of local schools and are incredibly proud of the fabulous relationships we have built with schools, parents and children. We are unique in that we continue to sell "new to you" uniform alongside the brand new - with the profits being donated back to our participating schools. 

I am now supported by a fantastic team across the St Ives and Ramsey shops who allow me to spend as much time as I can meeting with suppliers and liaising with our schools.

Please do pop by to say hello and pick up that spare school jumper you've been meaning to get...

Kind regards,


Meet The Team

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